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4/11/16: New York Spring Jersey Show Results:

  • 2nd Sr. 3-yr old, Reserve Intermediate Champion! Crossbrook HG Dixie EX 91 Owned with Jon Prokop of Crossbrook Jerseys. (Hired Gun x Dasher EX95 x Veronica EX97)
  • 1st Fall Heifer Calf: Dixies Showdown Dazzle-ET - Owned with Jon Prokop of Crossbrook Jerseys. Sells in the May 21st Rendesvous at River Valley Sale
  • 1st Junior Best Three Females
  • 2nd Spring Yearling: Elliots Councillor Cora-ET (Councillor X Gold Action X Comet X Veronica)
  • 4th Spring Yearling: South Mountain Incentive Royal-ET (Incentive X Rosey)
  • 3rd Winter Yearling: South Mountain Voltage Rapture-ET (Voltage X Rosey)
  • 2nd Fall Yearling: South Mountain Incentive Reign (Incentive X Rosey)
  • 4th Fall Yearling: Linda Lous Councillor Layla (Councillor X Tequila Linda Lou)

3/7/16: Rosey's 2 daughters by Chilli Action Chavez photos are now online

3/6/16: Cinema's page updated with new photo and photos from EXPO!

2/23/16: New page for Elliotts Cosmo Action EX 93

2/1/16: All-American and All Canadian Results

1/9/16: All- American and All-Canadian Nominations

All-American Jersey nominations –

2015 World Dairy Expo

  • Jersey results:
    • South Mountain Voltage Radiant – 7th spring calf (Voltage x Rosey)
    • Linda Lous Councillor Layla – 5th fall calf (Councillor x Tequila Linda Lou)
    • Chilli Premier Cinema EX91 – 1st Jr 3-yr old, Best Udder & Production winner; Reserve  Intermediate Champion & Honorable Mention Grand Champion (Premier x Connection Chilli x Circus EX97)
    • Elliotts Voltage Sahara EX91 – 6th Sr. 3-yr old
    • South Mountain Comerica Sassy EX91 – 2nd International Futurity; 10th Sr. 3-yr old
    • Other Sr 3-yr olds – Elliotts Comerica Sable 3rd & Best Udder (owned by Glamourview and Walton); Elliotts Blackstone Charlotte 7th (owned by DeBoer); Elliotts Voltage Skylar 11th (owned by Rod Rankin)
    • 1st Produce of Dam for Milo Vindication Season – Comerica Sable & Voltage Sahara
    • 2nd Produce of Dam Arethusa Veronicas Comet – Blackstone Charlotte & Cosmo Action
    • 2nd Best Three Females – Sable, Sahara & Charlotte
    • 1st Exhibitor’s Herd

2015 PA All-American

  • Jersey results:
    • Elliotts Voltage Radiant – 4th spring calf (Voltage x Rosey)
    • Elliotts Voltage Rapture – 1st winter calf (Voltage x Rosey)
    • Linda Lous Councillor Layla – 1st fall calf & Reserve Junior Champion
    • Chilli Premier Cinema – 2nd Jr 3-yr old & Reserve Intermediate Champion
    • Elliotts Voltage Sahara – 1st Sr 3-yr old and Best Bred & Owned Jersey of the show
    • South Mountain Comerica Sassy – 2nd Sr. 3-yr old
    • Marynole Excite Rosey 1st 5-yr old, Reserve Senior Champion & HM Grand Champion
    • 4th Produce of Dam for Rosey – Rapture & Radiant
    • 1st Dam & Daughter Rosey & Rapture
    • 1st Exhibitor’s Herd

7/18/15: Maryland Jersey Field Day results:

  • Elliotts Voltage Rapture - 1st Winter Calf & HM Junior Champion (Voltage X Rosey)
  • Lindas Councillor Layla - 1st Fall Calf
  • Elliots Chavez Roxie - 2nd Fall Yearling
  • South Mountain Comerica Sassy - 1st Sr 3 Yr Old, Senior Champion & Grand Champion!