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They descend from names you know!


Hired Gun Venus TJ Classic - now VG 87@2-00 fresh 2 weeks!

The All-American Summer Yearling - From a Family of Winners!

Hired Gun Venus TJ Classic VG 87 @2y

  • Sire: Hired Gun
  • Dam: Vindication Versace TJ Classic VG88
    • Maternal sister to V.I.P. & VIPER
  • 2nd dam: TJ Classic Minister Venus EX94
    • Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo 2014
    • Supreme Champion NAILE 2014
  • 3rd dam: Stephan Sparkler Vera EX95
    • Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2009
  • 4th dam: Piedmont Renaissance Vivian EX91

Venus is due in June to Black Apple

Owned with Mike McConnell

2017 Show Results

  • All-American Summer Yearling
  • ABA All-American Summer Yearling
  • 1st All-American Show
  • 2nd International Show

Kueffner Kows

10 Excellent Dams - Rosel Family!

SV Applejack Restless

  • Sire: Applejack
  • Dam: Primetime Rosario EX91
  • 8th dam: Franken Monarch Rosel EX 3E

2017 Show Results

  • Reserve ABA All-American Winter Calf
  • 1st Winter Calf, International Show
  • 1st Winter Calf, Maryland Jersey Field Day
  • 2nd Winter Calf, Maryland State Fair
  • 3rd Winter Calf, NY Spring Show

Kueffner Kows

Twice Nominated From the Gretchen Family

Rad-ical Goliath Good Luck

  • Sire: Goliath
  • Dam: VG86-2Y Bonanza
  • 2nd dam: Pilot Gaiety 2E92
  • 3rd dam: Ensign Gredel 5E94
    • 3-time Reserve All-American
  • 4th dam: Bo Joy Emory Gretchen 2E93

Good Luck is due in March to sexed Wizdom

Owned with Cindy Warner & Jenny Trapp

2017 Show Results

  • Nominated All-American Winter Yearling
  • 1st Winter Yearling & Res Junior Champion South Eastern National Show
  • 5th Winter Yearling World Dairy Expo
  • 6th Winter Yearling All-American Dairy Show
  • 1st Winter Yearling MD Invitational
  • 1st Winter Yearling NY Spring Show

2016 Show Results

  • Nominated All-American Winter Calf
  • Member Reserve All-American Junior Best Three Females
  • 5th Winter Calf World Dairy Expo
  • 4th Winter Calf All-American Dairy Show
  • 1st Winter Calf & Reserve Junior Champion MD Invitational

Kueffner Kows

All-American Winter Calf From Snow Family

Wind Mill Carter Snow Angel

  • Sire: Carter
  • Dam: VG88 Wonderment
  • 2nd dam: Snowbrite VG87
  • 3rd dam: Dotson Snow 2 3E91
  • 4th dam: Snowdrop 3E
  • 5th dam: Midnight Snow 5E

Owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand

2018 Show Results

  • New York Spring Brown Swiss Show - new photo above
    • 1st Winter Yearling - Junior Champion

2017 Show Results

  • All-American Winter Calf
  • 1st & Hon Mention Junior Champion World Dairy Expo
  • 1st Winter Calf All-American Dairy Show
  • 1st & Reserve Junior Champion MD Invitational
  • 2nd Winter Calf South Eastern National